Press Appearances

PocketGuide has been widely covered in the Hungarian and the international media as well. The latest and so far largest coverage was thanks to the second place achieved at the Startup Week TechCrunch day challenge.

After several international acknowledgements, PocketGuide was awarded one of the most recognized international awards, when it was chosen as the 2nd best start up in the European start up competition co-organized by TechCrunch and other well known European investors. The jury, that chose PocketGuide as Nr2 from the 500 participating companies, included executives and investors from Google,, Xing and Skype.

Some pictures from the event:

Some of the main press appearances after the event:


GoalEurope 1
, GoalEurope 2
Russian state TV

Other significant press appearances: 

 - Tech - Mobilba bújtak az idegenvezetők

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