Download The treasures of Saint George tour! Töltse le a Sepsiszentgyörgy kincsesládája túrát! Descărcați turul Cufărul de zestre al orașului Sfântu gheorghe!
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Just like a personal tour guide

PocketGuide is the first application that works automatically and guides you through the city by voice, just like a real tour guide. No more fiddling with small text on your screen!

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Our content is made by the best local tour-guides, who know the most interesting sites to show you. All tours are personally tested by our staff.

3D video

Throughout your tour you can record your experiences (photos, videos, personal commentary...etc) and, with just one click, create an amazing 3D video.

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No roaming

Once you have downloaded the tour, the application can work in offline mode so that you don't have to pay roaming charges.